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Kensi Metal Works

Kensi Metal Works has develop their business in Indonesia on March 1977 in Jakarta.

The company business activities are manufacture of Steel Office Equipment, Warehouse Equipment, Banking equipment , Hospital Equipment and other steel fabricated products. We also accept custom made product.

We are committed to be the leading steel fabricated product manufacturer through good planning, continuous improvement in product quality, competitive price and prompt delivery to meet customer’s requirements.

Our Products:

  1. Retractable Queue Stand (tiang antrian) Stainless or Alumunium.
  2. Queue Stand with velvet fabric rope (Tiang Antrian dengan tali bludru).
  3. Money Box with wheels(Peti uang beroda) ukuran besar maupun kecil, bahan aluminium maupun besi.
  4. Box Teller
  5.  Signage, examples Name Plate Holder for Teller, CSO , Lobby/Notice board from Stainless Steel
  6. Ashtray bin / Ashbak
  7. Key box
  8. Whiteboard , soft board and Moviboard
  9. Newspaper stand / Rak koran

Our services:

  1. Service queue stand / reparasi tiang antrian
  2. Spare Parts/ Suku Cadang
  3. Custom made

Latest Product
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white board
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Asbak Mini Kembang White Board Key Box-40 DN-12